Creating High Quality
Responsive Websites.

Hey, I'm Shani Shapira, a self-taught web developer.
Although usually I work with WordPress, I've built this portfolio from scratch in 2018 using plain HTML, CSS and JS.
I use all the tools that are necessary to create the websites that meet all of my clients' requests and my own design view.

'Keep things simple and clean' is my moto, which makes my websites user-friendly, with ux/ui approach.
I enjoy working on WordPress websites, as well as working from scratch, and seek to improve my skills at all times.
In my portfolio, you can learn of my front-end development techniques and designs.


My main goal is creating responsive web design with a unique footprint to each site.
I create websites that support number of main browsers and mobile devices.
Part of my job is to keep learning and improve my developing skills, update with new develope technologies, and improve existing ones. Technologies I've used on my sites: WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, BOOTSTRAP, Elementor, Photoshop, ect.


I'm not a web designer, but I do believe in a rich and simple user experience with clean UI.
My sites are highly simple, clean, easy and intuitive to use, resulting in a great experience for end users.
It's also important for me to enhance the effectiveness of your sites' content for the search engines.

Choose wisely,
expect better outcomes.

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